Baiyu Li

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Welcome to my personal website! I just graduated with a Ph.D. in CS from UC San Diego, studying cryptography. I am very fortunate to be advised by Daniele Micciancio.

I'm interested in using formal methods to improve cryptographic constructions and security proofs, including using symbolic techniques and computer-aided tools, and designing more concise and abstract formal models for secure computation protocols. I'm also interested in lattice-based cryptography, especially its use in homomorphic encryption and digital signature schemes. Besides, I'm boardly interested in many cryptographic constructions.

Prior to UCSD, I graduated with a Bachelor degree in CS/Pure Math and a Master's degree in CS from the University of Waterloo, advised by Janusz Brzozowski. In Waterloo, I studied descriptional complexity problems on finite automata and regular languages.


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  • Compactness vs Collusion Resistance in Functional Encryption. ePrint Baiyu Li, Daniele MicciancioTCC 2016-B
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